The annual Community Benefit Report and related forms (links below) are the basis for the Nevada Hospital Association’s (NHA) advocacy work with the State of Nevada and Nevada legislature. It is vital the information provided is accurate, timely and complete.

The timeline for 2019 Community Benefit Report will be as follows:

May 8:
• The NHA will have confirmed reporting hospitals contact person(s) for the 2019 reporting cycle.

May 12:
• The NHA will send out forms and instructions to hospitals via identified contact person.
• Review the information on the Nevada Hospital Quarterly Reports (NHQR) for your hospital for 2018 and 2019 to assure it is accurate and complete. * The Web site is at The NHQR is the starting point for the calculation of subsidized healthcare cost via the Uncompensated Cost Report.
• Accumulate the information for the Nevada Hospital Report and the Uncompensated Cost Report and complete reports as appropriate.
• Hospitals who operate on a calendar fiscal year are requested not to complete the Subsidized Health Services section of the Nevada Hospital Report and Uncompensated Cost Report until July 1st to allow a six-month claim to run out.
• Hospitals who operate on a July – June fiscal year, the NHA expects to receive all part of the Nevada Hospital Report including the Subsidized Health Services and Uncompensated Cost report by Friday, June 12.

May 15: The NHA will host a teleconference via teleconference at 1 p.m. to review forms, how to complete, what information is due when, and to answer questions.

June 12: Hospitals send to the NHA ( via e-mail their Nevada Hospital Report, excluding the Subsidized Health Care Section. Exception: non calendar fiscal year end hospitals need to complete all sections of the Nevada Hospital Report for submission by this date.

June 15 – June 26: The NHA reviews the Nevada Hospital Report and informs hospitals of necessary changes.

July 2: Nevada Hospital Report with corrections due back to NHA.

July 10: Hospitals send to NHA ( via email their Uncompensated Cost Report and the Subsidized Health Care Section of the Nevada Hospital Report.

July 17: The NHA has completed review of Subsidized Health Care Section of Nevada Hospital Report and Uncompensated Cost report and informs hospitals of questions and/or corrections.

July 22: Uncompensated Cost report and Subsidized Health Care corrections are due back to the NHA.

July 24: Teleconference to review reports, ask questions and review variance analysis.

July 31: Changes from the review meeting due to the NHA.

August 6: Report due to DHCFP

*Please ensure NHQR financial reports have been updated to reflect any post closed adjustment made to hospital’s financial statements as a result of annual financial audit. NHQR financial data needs represent the information contained in a hospital’s annual, fiscal year end audited financial statements.

Community Benefit Categories and Definitions

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