The Nevada State Immunization Program (NSIP) will be tasked with the dissemination of a limited amount of COVID-19 vaccine to short-term acute care hospitals in Nevada when the vaccine becomes available later this year. The manufactured COVID-19 vaccine will be stored at a centralized location in the U.S. The NSIP will use the CDC’s vaccine ordering system, VTrckS, to order the vaccine so that it is sent from the depot directly to each hospital. Once the vaccine arrives at the hospital, the vaccine must be stored in an approved vaccine storage unit with continuous temperature monitoring until the vaccine is administered. After administration of the vaccine, patient demographic and vaccination data must be documented in the state immunization information system (IIS) – NV WebIZ. Rapid NV WebIZ reporting will be an extremely important part of this response. COVID-19 vaccination data should be entered immediately upon administration to support federal and state reporting and monitoring, onging response planning, and COVID-19 vaccine series completion (should multiple doses be required). The COVID-19 vaccine inventory will be managed in NV WebIZ and monthly COVID-19 vaccine inventory reconciliation is mandatory. There will also be a weekly requirement to enter certain non-identifying vaccine administration aggregate data into the REDCap data base.

Several staff members from the NSIP will be working to enroll the acute care hospitals into the COVID-19 vaccine response so that they can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In the near future, acute care hospitals will be contacted by one of the following individuals:
• Pam Forest MD – Provider Quality Assurance Manager
• Glenn Witt – Vaccine Manager
• Dhon Urg – Storage and Handling Coordinator

In order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, each facility will need to accomplish the following:
• Complete an Agreement to Participate. The Agreement to Participate is expected to be released by the CDC in the near future.
• Designate a licensed health care provider to sign the Agreement to Participate (acceptable in the past – MD, DO, APRN, PA).
• Provide proof of an approved vaccine storage unit with continuous temperature monitoring – preferably a unit in a secure location. Most hospitals store vaccines in the hospital pharmacy.
• Have the ability to enter vaccine administration data into NV WebIZ and staff members assigned to accomplish this. Facility profiles and user accounts may need to be established; user training will be provided.
• Delegate two personnel as points of contact – one to be the primary vaccine coordinator and a second to be the backup coordinator. The vaccine coordinators will be responsible for monthly NV WebIZ vaccine inventory reconciliation and REDCap data entry.
• Have a plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine (and possibly a second dose) to the priority group indicated by the federal government (ACIP/CDC/NIH). Priority groups will evolve during the COVID-19 response. It is expected that hospital workers who care for COVID-19 patients will be the top priority initially when the COVID-19 vaccine supply is limited.

A staff member of the NSIP will be contacting acute care hospitals during August and September so that all the preparation is completed prior to the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. With adequate preparation, the dissemination of the vaccine will occur efficiently.

Please take time now to identify who will fulfill the above-mentioned roles so that when a representative of the NSIP calls the facility, the enrollment and training process can begin.