The Nevada Hospital Association Health Care Workforce Development grant program (NHA-HCWD) is a partnership of the NHA, state organizations that provide grant funding for workforce initiatives and northern Nevada health care employers.

The goal of the NHA-HCWD program is to address the shortage of registered nurses (RN) and other allied health care professionals and stimulate the hiring of these health care professionals through occupational skills training, on-the-job-training (OJT) and advocacy for permanent job placement. Click here for additional program details. 

The NHA-HCWD program provides resources and support for both the individuals who are pursuing health care careers and their potential employers. The program is designed to aid in the successful transition from academia to a professional career. In doing so, the NHA-HCWD program provides multiple services to ensure program participants’ success and help ease workforce shortage issues that are faced by Nevada health care employers.