Hospital association opposed bill that excluded healthcare facilities from premises liability protections

August 11, 2020 – NEVADA – The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) today announced disappointment in the outcome of SB4 that provides business liability premises protection to most Nevada businesses. While the hospital community fully supports business liability premises protection for exposure to COVID-19 by third parties that includes all businesses, the NHA was not able to support legislation that excludes hospitals and other health care facilities from protection and unfairly targets their industry.

“The passing of SB4 by the Nevada Senate and Assembly is disappointing,” said Bill M. Welch, President/CEO of the NHA. “Hospitals and health care workers have been on the front lines of COVID-19 since March and not extending premises liability protections to them creates situations that need to be addressed to ensure the safety of patients, employees and hospitals themselves.”

Members have been provided the final version of the bill, as passed, so that they can evaluate the implications as they relate to their business practices. Once the membership has completed their analyses, the NHA will be able to provide additional information to Nevadans on the impact of this bill on patient care and employee safety within health care facilities.

“We support protection for all of Nevada’s businesses so that we can revitalize our economy,” Welch said. “We will be reaching out to Governor Sisolak’s office to request an amendment to Declaration 11 that specifically outlines protections to health care facilities during the COVID-19 emergency.”