Associations join together focusing on the safety and availability of health care facilities and the importance for Nevadans to access services

June 1, 2020, Nevada – The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) and the Nevada State Medical Association (NSMA) today launched a public awareness campaign, Nevada Providers… here for Nevadans. The campaign focuses on social media messaging and public service announcements and was initiated to address the concerning decrease in non- COVID-19 hospital visits and doctor’s appointments and encourage patients to get the care they need.

Across Nevada, there are declines in the number of patients coming in for preventive and emergency treatment. Some providers report seeing half or even fewer patients than they did prior to the onset of COVID-19. Evidence suggests that people with serious health conditions or symptoms may be avoiding hospitals out of fear of catching COVID-19. Nevada’s leading health care organizations are assuring Nevadans that it is safe to see their doctor or visit a hospital to seek medical care.

“There is tremendous concern for people who urgently need medical attention for conditions unrelated to COVID-19 and are choosing not to get the care they need. We’ve seen activity at some doctors’ offices decrease drastically due to patients cancelling appointments or simply not showing up for visits,” said Ronald S. Swanger, MD, president of the Nevada State Medical Association. “It is important for Nevadans to know that it is safe to seek the care you need from your doctor.”

In mid-March, members of the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) began to voluntary cease medically necessary procedures to support COVID-19 efforts and ensure that hospitals could safely and effectively respond to the pandemic. Around the same time, physicians began to see a downward trend in in-patient visits. Quick response by Governor Sisolak to implement social distancing and close non-essential businesses coupled with diligent health care efforts flattened the curve in Nevada.

“Nevada hospitals and health systems are a vital source of health care for our communities,” said Bill M. Welch, president and CEO, Nevada Hospital Association. “NHA members are committed to protecting patients and healthcare workers as we move into a new phase of healthcare delivery. Delaying or avoiding care can lead to serious complications or long-term health problems, and we encourage Nevadans to get the care they need today.”

To learn more about the campaign or to view messaging, please visit the social media platforms for the NHA and the NSMA.


About the NHA

The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) is a not-for-profit, statewide trade association representing Nevada’s acute care hospitals along with psychiatric, rehabilitation and other specialty hospitals as well as health-related agencies and organizations throughout the state. Allied with the American Hospital Association, the NHA is an independent organization headquartered in Reno, Nev.

About the NSMA

The Nevada State Medical Association (NSMA) is the oldest and largest physician-led advocacy organization, represents physicians, physician assistants, residents and medical students throughout Nevada, regardless of specialty, and has been an active participant in the development of Nevada’s healthcare policy for decades.  Allied with the American Medical Association, the NSMA is headquarter in Reno, NV.