Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium Celebrates Inaugural Internal Medicine Resident Graduation
MountainView Hospital celebrated its inaugural Class of 2018 Internal Medicine Residents. During a graduation ceremony at MountainView Hospital, the first class of 19 Internal medicine residents were honored. Now that the residents have graduated from training, they can sit for the medical board exams and upon successful completion; they can practice independently in our communities. During the festivities, the “graduating” Transitional Year residents entering the next phase of their residency were also acknowledged.

“This has been a tremendous journey over the past several years – from an idea of building an accredited graduate medical education program to graduating our first class of residents,” said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “Sunrise Health GME Internal Medicine Residency Program, based at MountainView, has come a long way after receiving accreditation in September 2015.”
The first class of 20 Internal Medicine residents were matched and started their residency at MountainView Hospital in 2016. In the same year, MountainView Hospital opened the MountainView Medical Associates practice, which focuses on providing exceptional care in an academic environment.

Following the inaugural class of Internal Medicine residents, the Sunrise Health GME Consortium has grown and received accreditation for General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Transitional Year, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology.
“Our growing GME enterprise has a significantly contributed to the growth of graduate medical education in Las Vegas. It allows medical students more local options for medical residency, with the goal of growing the base of physicians in southern Nevada to serve our greater community by improving patient’s access to care,” said Dr. Ferenc Puskas, Designated Institutional Official.

The Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium currently has 110 residents based at MountainView and Southern Hills, and 80 new talented residents will be joining the program in July. This year Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education received a significant amount of applications for a limited number of positions, and successfully matched and filled all resident positions. As of this year, MountainView’s inaugural class of Anesthesiology residents and Pharmacy residents will be joining the campus.

Southern Hills Hospital Announces ER at Blue Diamond
Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center is excited to announce it will be opening a second provider-based emergency room at the corner of Blue Diamond and El Capitan. ER at Blue Diamond—a Department of Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center—will allow faster and more convenient access to medical care for thousands of southern Nevadans by providing full-service emergency and critical care services for adults and children.

Unlike an urgent care, ER at Blue Diamond will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by board-certified emergency room physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals providing services available at hospital emergency rooms, with significantly shorter wait times. The new facility will include around-the-clock laboratory testing, X-ray, CT scanning and ultrasound. Patients who require additional emergent care will be admitted to affiliated hospitals.

“Our hospital continues to provide fast ER care where our patients need access in a convenient, neighborhood location,” said Adam Rudd, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center. “With this second provider-based emergency room opening, we are able to offer the community a full spectrum of care in a location close to home and with a significantly shorter wait time.”
More information on the new facility and its opening will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Valley Health System Wins Unanimous Approval for Freestanding Emergency Room Facility on Blue Diamond in Southwest Valley
The Valley Health System has acquired land and won unanimous approval from the Enterprise Town Advisory Board and Clark County Board of Commissioners for a Special Use Permit to construct a freestanding emergency room facility at the intersection of Blue Diamond and Cimarron in the southwest Las Vegas valley.

The facility will operate as a 24-hour extension of Spring Valley Hospital’s emergency department and will feature eight treatment rooms, with an additional three rapid medical exam rooms, advanced imaging services such as CT, ultrasound and X-ray, and an on-site laboratory. It will use the Cerner FirstNet electronic medical record system that is compatible with Spring Valley Hospital and other Valley Health System facilities, and will allow patients to access their private health information online. The ER will be staffed with board-certified emergency medicine physicians, nursing, imaging and laboratory staff.

Spring Valley Hospital CEO Leonard Freehof, said “This freestanding ER aims to treat many of the most common emergency cases with short wait times and high-quality, friendly care. Groundbreaking is planned for later this summer with an opening in early 2019.”

Sunrise Hospital Receives Award of Distinction
HCA Healthcare presented the HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction to recipients at a ceremony in Nashville. As part of the ceremony, HCA Healthcare presented a special honorary Award of Distinction to Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada for their response and courage on October 1, 2017, when a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on the Las Vegas strip. As the closest trauma center to the strip, Sunrise treated more than 200 victims in the first hour alone.

“Our hospitals prepare for the worst scenarios imaginable, and pray it never happens,” HCA Healthcare Chairman and CEO Milton Johnson said. “The team at Sunrise reacted quickly and professionally, working together to support each other, reunite families, and save lives. I am incredibly proud of their efforts in the face of overwhelming trauma.”

This mass casualty event was unprecedented in our nation’s history. It was met with an outstanding effort from Sunrise Hospital, as well as support from our entire HCA Healthcare family.

MountainView Hospital First in Las Vegas to Upgrade MRI to Latest System
MountainView Hospital’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system is the first in Las Vegas to receive the latest, clinically advanced system update.

The upgraded system is the latest offering, from GE Healthcare, is devised to help clinicians improve workflow, lower cost of ownership and improve patient comfort. The system uses 34 percent less power than previous generation MRI systems, and requires a smaller footprint for installation.

The upgrade covers various productivity-enhancing applications and new features to improve patient care and comfort to previous generation systems. The upgraded system also extends the power of MRI to patients with MRI-conditional metal implants. With the system, two to three more patients per day can be scanned due to new features and increase in productivity.

“MountainView Hospital is grateful for the support provided by HCA Healthcare that has enabled us to be the first in Las Vegas to offer our clinicians and patients with the latest MRI system,” said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “This upgrade will enable us to provide more patients with a more efficient process of care in a comfortable environment.”

MountainView Hospital continues to provide the latest in imaging care. The upgraded MRI system is now operating at MountainView along with the latest CT, nuclear medicine, X-ray and bi-plane machine systems. Outpatient imaging services are offered through Red Rock Radiology. Red Rock Radiology radiologists are board certified and fellowship trained to offer superior service and quality to our referring physicians. Red Rock Radiology is the only facility in Nevada currently offering 3D Computer Aided Detection (CAD) mammograms, which studies have shown can help detect breast cancer earlier, when it can be more easily treated.

MountainView Hospital and Red Rock Radiology have taken the pledge to reduce the imaging radiation dose for adults and children. For more information on imaging services provided by MountainView Hospital, please visit:

Summerlin Hospital Adds New Technology to Improve Detection of Certain Bladder Cancers
In its ongoing commitment to the detection and treatment of cancer, Summerlin Hospital now offers Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview®, an optical imaging agent for the detection of papillary cancer of the bladder in patients with known or suspected bladder cancer. Cysview is the only FDA-approved imaging agent for use with blue-light cystoscopy.

According to the American Cancer Society, about 81,190 new cases of bladder cancer will be diagnosed in 2018, including an estimated 770 cases in Nevada. It is the fourth most common cancer in men, and occurs mainly in adults over age 55.

“Some high grade, aggressive bladder tumors can be difficult to detect with conventional white light cystoscopy,” said urologist Michael Verni, MD. “Timely detection and treatment of these tumors can improve cancer specific survival. Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview offers improved detection of potentially deadly bladder tumors compared to the white light cystoscopy.”

White light cystoscopy had been has been the gold standard for visualizing suspicious lesions during transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT).

In Blue-Light Cystoscopy with Cysview,® the imaging solution (Cysview) is delivered into the bladder about an hour prior to the cystoscopy and is absorbed by cancerous tissue. After first using white light, the doctor then switches to blue light mode. Because of the imaging solution, other tumors that may be present become more visible, glowing bright pink under the blue light. This makes it easier for the urologist to identify and remove tumors.

Teri Koehler, bladder cancer survivor and co-founder of the Bladder Cancer Support Group that meets at Summerlin Hospital, knows firsthand how the Blue-Light Cystoscopy can benefit people. “Because of the Blue-Light, my urologist found two bladder tumors that weren’t visible under the white light, as well as one pre-cancerous tumor,” said Koehler. “The procedure itself is simple and by detecting tumors much earlier, it gives me peace of mind knowing this new technology is available.”

“Investing in technology like the Blue-Light Cystoscopy is an investment in our community’s health,” said Rob Freymuller, CEO of Summerlin Hospital. “We see this as another opportunity to improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Southern Nevada, and to improve our patients’ quality of life.”