Carson Tahoe Health Unveils Redesigned Website; Unveils Minden Medical Center Upgrades
Carson Tahoe Health, CTH, is proud to announce the completion of a total website redesign. The new website focuses on delivering a better online consumer experience while allowing access to the site on any electronic device; computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

In keeping with the Carson Tahoe Health mission: to enhance the health and well-being of the communities served, the new responsive website assists users in easily finding information online through appropriate resources and intuitive navigation.

The mobile-friendly site continues to offer user favorites, like patient testimonials and an updated provider and location directory. In addition, many new elements have been added to improve the site, including; more videos and photos, an interactive calendar, and an alert that displays vital community messages, as needed. Another handy feature directs community members to recommended blog posts, based on their searches and interest.

“Carson Tahoe Health wants to ensure our community is a healthy place to live, work, and thrive,” said Erin Meyering, Communications Specialist at Carson Tahoe Health. “The new website showcases this goal by highlighting its comprehensive wellness services while reinforcing our commitment to empower people to take charge of their health. ”

Also, CTH is pleased to announce that Phase I of the Minden Medical Center (MMC) remodel has been completed and the new, south-end entrance is fully operational.

Patients visiting the newly remodeled center will experience easier navigation of Emergent Care and Lab services, streamlined registration processes, and spacious interior areas for added comfort.

“Now that Phase I is complete, we are starting on Phase II, the renovation and relocation of laboratory services and prepping for the remodel of the Imaging area,” said Michelle Joy, Chief Operating Officer at Carson Tahoe Health. “Currently, while Phase II renovations are underway, there may be some confusion when accessing imaging services, so please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We are happy to help our patients navigate through the construction process.”

Key components of Phase I of the MMC renovation include:

  • Fully renovated Emergent Care center, featuring a beautiful contemporary setting with ample space to accommodate future growth
  • An all-new, welcoming entrance for both Emergent Care and Outpatient Services, now located on the south end of the building (the old public entrance located on the west side is permanently closed; however, the ambulance entrance will remain open and dedicated to EMS)
  • A newly designated triage area for Emergent Care patients allowing for a more efficient process and expediting of treatment
  • Updated clinical space throughout the Emergent Care with the addition of two new exam rooms
  • Newly established centralized registration area, including a beautiful, light-infused, and spacious waiting room

LifePoint Health Receives John M. Eisenberg Award for Innovation in Patient Safety
The LifePoint Health National Quality Program has been recognized as one of the country’s leading innovations in quality care and patient safety as the recipient of the John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award. Nevada Hospital Association Member Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital is a LifePoint hospital.

The Eisenberg Awards were created by The National Quality Forum and The Joint Commission to recognize major achievements in healthcare quality and patient safety. The Awards honor the late Dr. John M. Eisenberg, an ardent advocate for and leader in healthcare quality improvement.

Eisenberg honorees must have successfully implemented initiatives that are consistent with the aims of the federal National Quality Strategy – which include better care, healthy people and communities, and smarter spending – and focused on improving overall quality by making healthcare patient-centered, reliable, accessible and safe.

Notably, LifePoint is the first for-profit health system to receive an Eisenberg and joins a list of esteemed leaders advancing quality care and patient safety, including the American College of Surgeons, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and Harvard Medical School.

MountainView Hospital Unveils New Mission and Vision Statements
MountainView Hospital announces that for the first time in its 22-year history, the Mission and Vision statements have been updated to better reflect the purpose and goal of the organization.

MountainView’s new mission statement is: “We are dedicated to improving life in a healing environment.”

MountainView’s new vision statement is: “To be the premier provider of exceptional care.”

“When I joined MountainView Hospital early last year, I encountered a strong culture that certainly lived up to its mission, but I found that the previous, long mission statement was hard for many people to remember,” said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “I found that it didn’t get to the heart of the passion that many people have for their care of others. I also thought that the vision statement could be more inspirational and could better reflect where we want to go as an organization.”

The new Mission and Vision statement reflects the growth of MountainView Hospital as a community hospital to a teaching facility with a depth of quality healthcare services for the community.

Healthy Nevada Project Announces Pilot Study Insights and Phase Two Enrollment 
Eighteen months ago, northern Nevada made history welcoming a first-of-its-kind, community-based population health study combining clinical, genetic and environmental data with the goal of providing personalized, precision medicine for individuals while improving health statewide.

The Healthy Nevada Project is making history again with the opening of phase two genomic sequencing to an additional 40,000 northern Nevadans, bringing the study’s total participation to 50,000 residents and making it one of the largest population health studies in the country. Project leaders are also sharing insights from the 10,000-person pilot study and announcing lessons learned, which are now being integrated directly into patient care.

When Renown Health and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) partnered to launch this landmark project in September 2016, the response was unprecedented with 10,000 community members signing up in just 48 hours and DNA sample collection completed in 69 working days.
Today, research teams with Renown Institute for Health Innovation (Renown IHI) – a collaboration between Renown and DRI – announced the first findings from that 10,000-person pilot. Study researchers explained how care providers and scientists will begin working on a number of clinical programs and scientific studies focused specifically on Washoe County’s high age-adjusted death rates for heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease. Collectively, these conditions among local residents stand at 33 percent above the national rate.

In the coming months, Renown IHI will begin providing advanced calcium score screenings to pilot phase participants at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. This will allow researchers to examine the link between genetics and calcium buildup in the heart. Additionally, based on pilot phase data, researchers have seen increased use of regional healthcare correlated with fluctuations in air quality and so-called “bad air events” such as wildfires and atmospheric inversions. In phase two, Renown IHI will evaluate possible links between genetics and increased susceptibility to respiratory ailments.

“From the start, this project has been focused on improving health statewide. We are now not only seeing those results, but also acting on them,” said Anthony Slonim, M.D., DrPH, FACHE, president and CEO of Renown Health and president of Renown IHI. “Healthcare organizations around the country are moving from solely providing care inside hospital walls to improving health outcomes across communities. It starts with health literacy, and this is the largest health literacy project in the country. We are helping people understand their risks and getting involved at the clinical level to help them live healthier lives.”

Leveraging Renown’s forward-thinking approach to community healthcare and DRI’s data and environmental expertise, Renown IHI has evolved and grown its capabilities to lead a larger, more complex research study of significance that will analyze and model public health risks in the Silver State and serve as a model for future population health studies across the country.

“Nevada is leading the country in growth and innovation. But sadly, we continue to rank among the worst in regards to health at 47th in the nation,” said Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the pilot study’s first participant. “Through the Healthy Nevada Project, we now have the gift of insight to make needed changes not just for ourselves and our loved ones, but for Nevada.”

For the second phase of this monumental project, research teams will have greater depth and quality of DNA data thanks to a partnership with Helix, a personal genomics company that uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology instead of genotyping and operates one of the world’s largest CAP- and CLIA-accredited exome sequencing labs. The marketplace model will also enable the Healthy Nevada Project to work with other research groups and industry-leading companies at the forefront of using genetics to drive better health outcomes.
“Taken individually, environmental, genetic and clinical data are each powerful tools for advancing health. But a comprehensive picture of these data can be even more powerful – finding new risk factors within populations and further improving community health,” said James Lu, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder and senior vice president of Applied Genomics at Helix. “Each person who chooses to participate in the Healthy Nevada Project will be contributing their genetics to better scientific understanding and ultimately, helping everyone live longer, healthier lives.”

In phase two, an additional 40,000 Nevadans are invited to test using Helix’s proprietary NGS pipeline. Helix’s Exome+ assay testing reads all 20,000 protein-coding genes and other regions in the body important to providing genetic insights which allows for 100 times more data.
Study volunteers will take Helix’s DNA saliva test and automatically receive access to the popular Helix-powered ancestry app, Geno 2.0 by National Geographic, and a account that lets them explore additional DNA-powered products on the Helix App store. If study participants choose to complete a follow-up survey from the Healthy Nevada Project, they will have the chance to pick an additional health and wellness app specific to their individual genetic results.

Renown IHI is opening 10,000 testing slots to any northern Nevadan interested in taking part. Once those 10,000 slots are filled, researchers will focus on matching the demographics that comprise northern Nevada. This means study participants will be eligible based on specific demographic variables including: gender, age group, ethnicity and rural versus urban residents.

“Fitting these criteria will ensure this landmark population health study mirrors the people of northern Nevada,” said Joseph Grzymski, Ph.D., senior director of the DRI Applied Innovation Center; co-director of Renown IHI; and principal investigator of the Healthy Nevada Project. “Thanks to years of research, we know gender, age and ethnicity all play key roles in a person’s health risks. By accurately representing our region, we will be able to better understand the health issues we’re seeing communitywide and how to address them.”
In the years ahead, Renown IHI aspires to offer genetic testing through the Healthy Nevada Project to every Nevadan interested in learning more about their health and genetic profile, and ultimately, drive positive health outcomes statewide. Simultaneously, the Healthy Nevada Project will expand the state’s access to leading-edge clinical trials and foster new connections with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Spring Valley Hospital Named Wound Care Center® of the Year by Healogics – Award Recognizes Seven Hospitals in the Nation
The Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at Spring Valley Hospital received the distinguished Center of the Year award for the West zone from Healogics, Inc. This zone includes centers from 13 states, including Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Washington.

The Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at Spring Valley Hospital earned a patient satisfaction rate of 97.5 percent, and 93 percent of its patients’ wounds are healed within 30 days. The team cared for more than 500 patients in 2017, always with the goal of healing wounds, preventing amputations and improving patients’ quality of life.

“I’m very proud of our team’s dedication and expertise to healing complex wounds,” said Leonard Freehof, CEO of Spring Valley Hospital. “Along with wound care and hyperbaric medicine, we established a Limb Salvage program. Our focus is on prevention and early intervention to heal conditions affecting the legs, feet and toes, and help prevent the loss of a limb.”

The Wound Care Center is under the direction of medical director Lubna Javed, MD, and program director Ernie Elliott. It offers specialized wound care to patients with diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds that have not healed in a timely manner. Advanced treatments include negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biological and biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies.

The Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at Spring Valley Hospital also received the President’s Circle Award for exceeding clinical outcomes and operational goals for the second year in a row, and the Center of Excellence Award for exceeding clinical outcomes for the second year in a row.

Nearly 700 wound care centers managed by Healogics had the opportunity to qualify for the Center of the Year award; only seven were honored.