Valley Hospital Offers Minimally Invasive Lung Biopsy Procedures
Valley Hospital now offers the technology and physician expertise to obtain lung biopsy tissue samples from deep within the lung to improve diagnosis and treatment opportunities for lung disease.

“Lung biopsies are sometimes necessary to help diagnose an abnormality found in the chest during a CT scan or chest X-ray,” explained Lloyd Del Mundo, DO, pulmonologist with Pulmonary Associates and the first physician to utilize the procedure at Valley Hospital. “This could be lung cancer or another medical issue, and the goal is to access these lesions early. If we can diagnose cancer at stage one, we will significantly increase a patient’s survivability, and the patient can even beat the cancer. This impact is huge to our community. With lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer death, it is imperative we give our patient the best chance. The best chances come in the form of early diagnosis and getting them on the right treatment plan as soon as possible.

“This also goes beyond lung cancer,” said Dr. Del Mundo. “It will help in diagnosing infections, inflammatory diseases, and many other lung issues. For example, we are still in the infant stages of post-COVID issues and have to see what other problems can develop from COVID.”

The technology, formally known as the Ion endoluminal system by Intuitive, is a robotic-assisted platform for minimally invasive lung biopsies. It features an ultra-thin, ultra-maneuverable catheter that allows navigation far into the peripheral lung, along with the stability needed for a precise biopsy compared to manual techniques.

Lung Disease in Nevada
According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 2,030 Nevadans will be diagnosed with new cases of lung and bronchus cancer in 2022. It is estimated to be the leading cause of cancer deaths in Nevada, with an estimated 1,170 deaths statewide in 2022.*

“We need a heightened awareness of the illness and injury impacting our lungs,” said Claude Wise, CEO of Valley Hospital. “We are proud to offer this technology because it provides a greater reach, stability and precision than other bronchial surgery devices, and at the end of the day, our goal is to help our patients have a good diagnosis so they can work with their physician on a treatment path.”

Red Rock Radiology at MountainView Hospital Offering $75, 3D Digital Screening Mammograms
Red Rock Radiology at MountainView Hospital is offering $75 computer-aided detection (CAD), 3D digital screening mammograms for women who may be uninsured or underinsured in our community.
Red Rock Radiology, a department of MountainView Hospital, is one of the few imaging centers in Las Vegas to offer CAD, 3D mammograms. Studies have shown that using CAD can help detect breast cancer earlier, when it can be more easily treated.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your annual mammogram. This special program is available now through May 31, 2022. Program participants must be at least 40 years old. If you have insurance, check with your provider; you may find out that your mammogram is fully covered.

To schedule your annual mammogram or take advantage of the special $75 computer-aided detection (CAD), 3D digital screening mammogram:
Red Rock Radiology
A Department of MountainView Hospital
7130 Smoke Ranch Road
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Centennial Hills Hospital is the First Hospital in the Western United States to Perform a Total Knee Replacement Procedure with THINK Surgical’s Leading Robot System
Our knees absorb a lot of shock on a daily basis, from walking and taking stairs to enjoying other forms of exercise. It is also one of the most complicated joints in the body, composed of the femur, patella and top section of the tibia, and held together by tendons and ligaments, along with cartilage to keep joint motion fluid and protect the bones against impact. Adversely affected by too much weight, diabetes, osteoarthritis, improper footwear, knees are prone to wear and tear over time.

Because knees are as unique to a person as fingerprints and eye retinas*, the evolution of customized knee replacement surgery offers unique solutions based on patients’ individual needs.

Introducing THINK Surgical’s TSolution One Robot
Centennial Hills Hospital was the site of the first total knee replacement procedure in the west using THINK Surgical’s robot system. It was performed by Ronald Hillock, MD, orthopedic surgeon, on March 14, 2022.

THINK Surgical developed the TSolution One robot, which creates a customized joint replacement plan for each patient prior to surgery through the TPLAN® 3D pre-surgical planning workstation and TCAT® an active robot.

“The pre-surgical plan enables the surgeon to design and prepare the customized plan in a virtual environment,” explained Sajit Pullarkat, CEO, Centennial Hills Hospital. “Then, the active robot assists the surgeon to execute this plan with precision cutting to remove diseased bone and cartilage.”

First Procedure Performed by Ronald Hillock, MD
“I am very excited to be offering what I consider the next-level, robotic technology to my patients. I’ve evaluated all the other systems on the market, and, in my opinion, none compares to the cutting accuracy of this system,” said Dr. Hillock. “Accurate cuts are crucial to ensure proper fit of the implant and avoid loosening which commonly results from poor cuts.”

As part of THINK Surgical’s program, surgeons can also choose from a variety of knee implants developed by multiple manufacturers because the THINK system has an open implant library. This adds to the ability to customize the total knee replacement procedure.

Providing Customized Orthopedic Surgery Technology for Area Residents
Centennial Hills Hospital has continued to enhance its orthopedic service line to improve patients’ experiences. In July 2021, it was the first acute care hospital to offer the iovera° treatment as part of its pre-operative pain management treatment for primary and revision total knee replacement surgery. The iovera° treatment is a clinically proven, non-opioid [narcotic], pain management solution that uses the body’s natural response to cold to relieve pain.

Additionally, the orthopedics division added robotic-guided technology for spine surgery, allowing surgeons to create a customized surgery plan using customized CT-based three-dimensional models of patients’ spines prior to surgery. A 36-bed orthopedic surgical patient care unit with its own therapy gym opened in December 2020, and the hospital was recertified for The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Core Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement.