September 15, 2021 – The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) is asking all Nevadans to help hospitals and health care workers as our state is experiencing above average hospitalizations, especially in northern Nevada and our rural communities. COVID-19 has once again taken hold of Nevada, and we also continue to see patients this time of year for other illnesses. Nevadans can do their part by:

Get vaccinated against COVID-19. The majority of recent and current hospitalizations for COVID-19 are for people who are not vaccinated.
Wear a mask.
Avoid a hospital emergency room for COVID-19 testing. There are many available resources in communities throughout Nevada where testing is available. Hospital emergency rooms are needed for those seeking emergency medical care.
Use urgent care centers or primary care providers for non-emergent care. If you or a loved one is in need of non-emergent care, please visit an urgent care center or see a primary care provider. Symptoms may include sprains and strains, ear pain or skin rash.

“Many hospital emergency departments in northern Nevada are at capacity with patients,” Pat Kelly, President and CEO of the Nevada Hospital Association, said. “We want to ensure that your family members, friends and neighbors have access to emergency care, and Nevadans can help by using emergency departments when you are critically ill.”