The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) is working with the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS) to encourage plasma donation from COVID-19 survivors. This project focuses on working with hospitals that have diagnosed patients with COVID-19 to ask them to reach out to their recovered patients for potential plasma donation.

OWS is working to develop, manufacture and distribute diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to combat the COVID-19 virus. Convalescent plasma is one sub-workstream. OWS has multiple initiatives designed to safely deliver neutralizing antibodies to patients. On August 23, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for emergency use of convalescent plasma for the treatment of hospitalized patients; however, current stockpiles and supplies of this plasma is in short supply. We are asking those facilities who have treated critical COVID-19 patients to participate.

If your hospital is interested in participating in this important project, please contact Christopher Lake at at the NHA and additional information will be provided including the contact information for the Convalescent Plasma Collection Coordinator servicing our geographic area.