The Nevada Hospital Association Patient Safety Committee (NHAPSC) was
created by the NHA to promote safe, quality healthcare among NHA members and
throughout Nevada by identifying opportunities and promoting evidence-based best
practice standards.


The committee is chaired by the NHA Workforce and Clinical Services Director. The committee works collaboratively with the Nevada State Health Division to identify opportunities to promote initiatives to improve the quality and safety of patient care and to identify patient safety trends and opportunities to develop sustainable interventions. The committee also reviews Nevada regulatory requirements and proposed legislation as they impact patient safety and quality programs to develop consensus and make recommendations to the state.


Membership consists of:

  • NHA staff – 3 voting representatives
  • NHA full member representatives
    • Each member – 1 voting representative
    • Voting representative has direct responsibility for the patient
      safety and quality improvement activities of his/her facility
  • Advisory, non-voting members
    • Nevada State Health Division
    • Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance – 2 representatives
    • Department of Epidemiology – 2 representatives
  • Nevada Rural Hospital Partners – 1 representative
  • Joint Commission – 1 representative
    • Nevada State Quality Improvement Organization – 1 representative
  • Nevada Health Care Association – 1 representative
  • All members may be replaced for non-attendance if that non-attendance is for 1 year


Sub-committees are formed as work groups, to gather consensus as well as address issues on proposed legislation regarding clinical quality, infection control, and patient safety. Our current standing sub-committee is the NHA Patient Safety Transparency Committee. The committee was formed to develop consensus regarding the public posting of new measures on the NHA transparency website, develop new content to provide information to Nevada’s healthcare consumers, purchasers and professionals an unprecedented degree of easy-to-access and understandable information on quality, pricing, and performance.


Meetings are held on a quarterly basis on the third Tuesday of the month. Meeting times are from 10 a.m. to noon, unless special circumstances occur or the committee changes the date or time. To facilitate participation by all members, meeting location is always at the NHA, 5190 Neil Road, Suite 400, in our boardroom as well as by phone conference.

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