The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) has designed the Trustee Education Certification Program to enable hospitals to use governance best practices to promote the coordination of care and the best use of resources and to demonstrate to their community, lawmakers, regulators, physicians, employees, business and other community stakeholders that Nevada hospitals:

  • Understand and embrace the need for governance and accountability
  • Govern according to a standard of excellence
  • Are willing to formally certify their adherence to governance best practices
  • Are committed to care management and coordination of resources
  • Embrace community accountability and transparency
  • Integrate local health efforts with state programs

What is board certification?
The NHA Trustee Education Certification program is a process of annually verifying:

  • The individual trustee’s participation in and/or support of initiatives to improve personal health care knowledge and leadership effectiveness
  • Boards of trustees’ compliance with a variety of governance best practices
  • Participation in a governance assessment program to improve individual and entire board performance

Individual trustee certification includes a signed attestation by the NHA board chair, hospital CEO and the individual trustee that he/she has:

  • Completed a minimum amount of education on health care and leadership topics
  • Met or exceeded the requirements of trustees as outlined in the hospital’s bylaws and other relevant documents, such as a governance self-assessment tool.

How is certification conducted?
The NHA developed criteria for the Trustee Education Certification Program that enables board chairs and hospital CEOs to certify in writing that their board is in compliance with the requirements for certification. In addition, individual trustees will certify that they adhere to specific board standards and received education and orientation in specific relevant areas.

Factors that are critical to program success
The active participation and commitment of NHA’s members to good governance practices will ensure success of the initiative.

It is important that hospital boards and trustees are willing to dedicate the time and effort to respond to surveys and participate in quality education programs sponsored by the NHA and others.

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For questions, please contact Amy E. Shogren, Director of Communications & Administration.